A safe seat please

And there you have it, as I predicted Thursday.

The core of Gwyneth's complaint against the UBP is that she didn't get appointed to the Senate or get a safe seat. Get to the back of the line, that's a longstanding gripe of every politician who wants a fast track to the top:

When she talks about not being allowed to grow politically she says: "I'm talking about not being allowed to progress to a level to the extent of eventually getting in the House [of Assembly].

"After rising through the ranks from volunteer to party chairman, it would seem logical that I would aspire to become a Member of Parliament. I had paid my dues and earned my spurs. It seemed to me a natural progression."

Ms Rawlins said she applied for a Senate seat three times when Grant Gibbons was the leader. "On each occasion the seat was given to somebody with less political experience," she said.

The excuse she was given is that the people were chosen because they could provide the best continuity at the time and they needed the exposure. "I never quite understood that," she said.

Ms Rawlins was disappointed but she got on with the job, thinking of the bigger picture - what was best for the party.

Snubbed for a Senate seat, she thought she might be given what would be considered a more winnable constituency seat in the 2003 election. Instead she got Warwick South Central, which was won by Ewart Brown who went on to become the leader of the country.

"I began then to recognize that I would not be allowed to grow politically in that environment," she said, adding that her goal throughout was to serve in the House, where she could have a real say in the decision-making process.

Whatever happened to taking on a tough seat and turning it your way?

I can understand why Gwyn would be disappointed and frustrated, but there's only 3 Opposition Senate seats available and a handful of safe seats since single seat constituencies came into effect. Everyone wants a safe seat, that's the oldest complaint in the book. Feelings are going to get hurt. That's inevitable. But racial? That's a red herring.

Erwin Adderley (black) gave up a safe seat to Jamahl to fight a tougher seat in Pembroke and got hammered.

Tim Smith (white), moved from a Paget safe seat and lost by 8 votes against Renee Webb in a tough Hamilton area.

David Dodwell (white) moved into a very tough area in Southampton - and won - after being in a safe area until 2003.

I ask you, is this racism or someone whose personal ambition didn't get met fast enough?

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