January 26, 2007

Fairweather friends

You know what I love about our Premier?

He's never seen a ribbon he won't cut, a camera he doesn't want to preen for....well usually, but not always.

If ever there was an illustration of our style and no substance Premier, this week was it.

On Wednesday, Dr. Brown shoved aside his Works & Engineering Minister to take centre stage for a useless photo op - the cutting a ribbon at the new Collector's Hill traffic lights, while prattling on with flowery talk hailing Government's achievements - or in real terms, doing its most basic tasks (road works).

Yesterday there was another photo op, except this time the Premier didn't show up. Instead, Education Minister Randy Horton was out all alone to announce the long overdue and yet again disastrous graduation rates in the public school system.

The same way Mr. Horton was all alone to announce that Government had allowed Cedarbridge to literally rot from the inside out. Dr. Brown has never commented on that.

Nor has he commented on the Southlands/SDO controversy - one on the boundary of his own constituency.

Ribbon cutting, cocktail parties, golf - Dr. Brown will upstage his Ministers.

Serious problems? Don't call. He's busy cutting ribbons, wining and dining or golfing.

At some point, methinks his Ministers will get tired of this act.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy