Was Deputy Premier Brown a political Eunuch? Paula Cox thinks so.

The Royal Gazette has a run down of the hate speech spewed forth by Dr. Brown last night in Parliament, but it missed some of the disgusting attempts the Premier (I'm ashamed to call him that) made to portray Grant Gibbons's criticisms as racist.

Take the ridiculous story Brown made up about his friend who trains monkeys. Speaking directly to Dr. Gibbons, he told a story about someone who trained monkeys, who could make them do all sorts of things including sit, run and eat bananas. The ending of the story was that Dr. Gibbons might be surprised that one day he came home and saw the monkeys on the internet.

A stupidly offensive story trying to suggest that Dr. Gibbons viewed black people as monkeys. Digusting. Offensive. Shameful. Venemous. But not a surpise.

Here's one that the Gazette article did cover:

“Mr. Speaker, that Honourable member made a comment about my predecessor, and I heard no one on the other side take him on about it,” Dr. Brown continued. “He referred to the Honourable Premier at the time as a ‘political eunuch.

“Now black people respond negatively to any reference to castration. During slavery there was a big call for eunuch stations and it was at those stations that black men were sent to be castrated. If I called that member a racist dog. You see it is the dog that matters.

Dr. Gibbons interjected: “Mr. Speaker is he calling me a racist dog?”
Dr. Brown replied: “Mr. Speaker, I would never call that member a racist dog, because I can tell that he is not a dog.”

Hmm. Here's another quote about political eunuchs delivered 5 weeks ago:

But she signalled she would not be happy to take a backseat if she landed the Deputy Premier’s post.

“On paper, the role of Deputy is more the role of a political eunuch.”

But she said a relationship based on respect and trust could see important functions delegated to the country’s number two.

Who delivered that quote you ask? One Paula Cox, now PLP Deputy Premier and Finance Minister, commenting on the role that Dr. Brown filled since July 2003.

So, where was Dr. Brown's outrage then, when his own colleague called him a political eunuch? Did he 'take her on'?

Does Dr. Brown consider Paula Cox a racist dog as he called Dr. Gibbons? It would seem that way.

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