A disgrace to the office and country

Dr. Ewart Brown, Premier of Bermuda, delivered tonight - on the motion to adjourn - the most disgraceful and hateful speech I have ever heard in my time following parliament. Ever.

The Premier evidently has taken offense that what he calls the UBP's 'de facto leader' would have the gall to point out over the past several weeks the problems with Pay to Play, foreign fund-raising, and the unregistered Tourism Helps Everyone charity set up around this years Music Festival by the then Deputy Premier's wife among other things.

The Premier of course characterised all this criticism as racist, but in the most personal and vicious of ways, using phrases like "I would never call the member a racist dog, because he's not a dog", that Dr. Gibbons is the representative of Bermuda's racist forefathers and several times said that he was close to crossing the aisle.

Disgraceful doesn't say it strong enough. The Premier came across as unhinged, and judging by the amount of the Premier's supporters I'm told were in the gallery this was a big event for the PLP.

If it wasn't clear before to people, once they read the Premier's comments or hear them on the radio it will be; Dr. Brown is intent on tearing this community to shreds and taking race relations and accountability back decades.

To say that he wants an honest and sustained discussion on race and engage in that type of frothing at the mouth hate, has revealed him - within a month of seizing power - to be simply unsuited for the office he now holds.

Bermuda will never move forward with the brand of racial hatred he is about to unleash on this community.

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