December 21, 2006

Waiter, there's arsenic in my soup

A reader sent in the following account as reported by VSB/ZBM on the 'arsenic' chef:

When I heard that the chef had been fired, my first thought was that there had been a major sense of humor failure. I think this has more to do with a few BIU shop stewards getting unreasonably bent out of shape than any real issue. A waiter came into the kitchen, asked which plate was for the Premier, and the chef replied, "that one there, with the arsenic on it". Obviously, it was a joke. How stupid can this Island get, for Christ's sake?

I doubt the reader is far from the mark in their assessment that this was probably more a function of the Elbow Beach employees' poiltical affiliations and an opportunity to flex their muscles to put an expat employee in their place. Even the complainants admitted it was a joke. No-one thought this to be a genuine security threat.

If the Premier had any class, rather than say that he was 'very concerned', he'd have laughed it off and told the hotel that there was no need to fire or discipline anyone over a joke.

Instead, the Bermuda Sun reports that Immigration department officials marched the chef to the airport:

The Bermuda Sun understands Immigration officials escorted Anthony Reynolds, the former executive chef at the luxury Elbow Beach Hotel, off the island today - five days after the alleged comment was made. He reportedly took a flight to London via New York.

I can only shake my head at the silliness of it all.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy