Why stop there?

One of the most-hyped ideas in the build-up to the 2006 Throne Speech was the abolition of "the hospital’s indigent care clinic – dubbed a poor folk’s clinic – [to] allow the poor to see the doctor of their choice at the taxpayer’s expense":

The Government will move to abolish the so-called “Indigent Care” clinic at the hospital. Bermudians lacking financial means will no longer have their dignity undermined as a prerequisite to accessing basic and necessary healthcare.

A couple of points on this:

Firstly, in theory I don't have a problem with this idea, although I'd be interested in a little background and some numbers to flesh out whether it is indeed a poor folk's clinic.

Secondly, Dr. Brown, emphasis on the Doctor, should declare his interest here. As a practicing physician, and the owner and operator of a medical practice in Bermuda, he stands to directly financially benefit from this.

Thirdly, why stop there. If we're concerned about providing the poor with the best healthcare, what about education? Close down the public schools and let every Bermudian attend the school of their choice.

It's the same philosophy, in fact it's a conservative smaller government philosophy.

So how's about it Dr. Brown?

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