Well, I didn't get that one done - again

Scratch one off the Dr. Brown got it done list.

But here's the kicker:

"Confusingly, Premier Ewart Brown claimed the media had been informed of the latest twist in the Club Med more than six weeks ago, yet the Royal Gazette has never received such notification and no other news outlet on the Island is known to have carried the story until it was confirmed by him yesterday lunchtime."


"A request by the Royal Gazette for proof that Government previously made public the collapse of the KJA deal has, as yet, not met with a response."

Hmmm. This happened six weeks ago but the press weren't notified, although Dr. Brown claims they were.

What was going on six weeks ago? Could it have been the early days of Dr. Brown's leadership challenge to then Premier Alex Scott as the "Minister who gets things done."

So no announcement that one of his great accomplishments fell through, but an announcement about an 'accomplishment' that wasn't - and still isn't - done.

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