Simmons being challenged?

I rarely catch the evening news anymore as it's bedtime for the kids, but tonight I caught the end of a story on ZBM about UBP MP Jamahl Simmons's branch trying to replace him with Erwin Adderley, or maybe more accurately stated, Erwin challenging Jamahl (through a primary? - which is the way it would have to be done under the constitution. Or that's my recollection of how it would have to be done).

I couldn't quite figure out what the branch's issue is. The report suggested that there was some unhappiness in the branch that Jamahl was canvassing with non-UBP members. Which is a bit of an odd accusation because Jamahl said he'd been canvassing with his family (father and sister).

The one thing I'd say is that at least he's canvassing! Too many MPs don't do nearly enough of that, so it's sort of rare to hear a complaint about a candidate canvassing, particularly with his family.

There has got to be more to it than that.

The ZBM report also implied a racial component to it, which doesn't add up if the challenger is of the same race. That sounds like a little bit of reporter mischief playing into the PLP narrative about the UBP.

We'll have to see how this plays out over the next few days. From a publicity perspective it's a royal mess to have these type of internal battles played out publicly as the PLP can attest.

Challenges are ok as long as they follow the prescribed route, it keeps sitting MPs on their toes, but this situation seems a bit odd and having someone in the branch run to the press is a recipe for disaster. Another thing the PLP can attest to.

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