Proud to be Bermudian

The Limey reports in:

Finally, Dr. Brown said that he will be making an announcement next week “that will make all of you proud to be Bermudians”.

I'm always proud to be Bermudian, as are every Bermudian I've met. An announcement from the Premier won't help in that regard. Is the Premier suffering from some self-esteem issues? A feeling of inadequacy perhaps, explaining the meaningless little fights he's trying to pick with the UK?

Maybe he'll announce campaign finance reform. Maybe he'll announce the Berkeley bond receipt has materialised. Maybe he'll announce that Berkeley didn't cost twice the budget. Maybe he'll announce that the Cedarbridge mould has miraculously cleaned itself up. Maybe he'll announce a racial code of conduct for Parliamentarians.

Maybe he'll announce that he's resigning. Now that would do it.


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