PLP seeks Uncle (Aunt) Tom

Surely by the PLP's own standards, the headline of today's Royal Gazette lead story should have been: "PLP Seeks Uncle/Aunt Tom".

Where to start with this one? Well, I'll start with this statement:

[Alex Scott] said there was a need to shift from the usual choice of diplomats and politicians and pick individuals the community knew and could identify with.

Except when the UBP pick a leader who is black (and Bermudian) that is. When that happens the PLP scream about window dressing, Uncle Tom's, sun-burns and playing the race card (and when the UBP select a leader who is white they're mocked as doomed to lose).

Does the PLP think that Baroness Amos or Scotland would more favourably entertain their anti-UK games due to their race?

I don't. I think they, or any other non-white diplomat or politician, know that they represent the Government of the United Kingdom, and would execute those duties no better or worse than the current and previous occupiers of Government House.

Alex Scott's suggestion that our relationship with the UK would be less 'tense' because the local representative was black, shows just how shallow he and his party are.

The PLP have no values. Just an obsession.

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