PGA Grand Slam now a done deal?

So, a reliable source informs me that the announcement "that will make all of you proud to be Bermudians" and will disprove the negative headlines which Premier Brown alluded to at Thursday night's meeting in St. George's is that the PGA Grand Slam of Golf will be confirmed for moving to Bermuda next year, despite the Premier's shameless premature headline grabbing which could have put it in jeopardy.

If it happens as I expect it will be a good announcement, and one that we'll all welcome. But 'proud to be Bermudians'?

Please, we've had these things before Dr. Brown, although you may have been in California at the time. Back then it was the Gillette shoot-out in the 90s which was also the Merrill Lynch event one year, although I can't recall the exact details.

So good news? Yes. Something that will improve national pride? No.

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