Open our arms

A reader writes in on term limits from a different perspective:

My wife... and I have visited Bermuda almost every year since 1985. We have some wonderful friends on the island and consider Bermuda our "home away from home." Knowing BDA like we do, I feel qualified to offer an opinion about the immigration discussion.

Bermuda is struggling with an issue not uncommon to the US. In the US, congress is attempting to control the influx of illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico. The problem in the US is not jobs because the immigrants are taking jobs that Americans don't want. The Mexican nationals and other immigrants actually come to the US to get these jobs that in their own country would be great jobs. The problem in the US is that these people expect and demand every social service offered to American taxpayers. These people are payed in cash, most of which is exported back to their homeland to support their families. So, not only do these people not pay taxes, they ship US cash out of the country. Why would the Mexican government want to stop this employment opportunity and influx of US currency?

In Bermuda, it's not about taxes, social services or really even jobs. To me, it's about controlling citizenship, property ownership and protecting the Bermudian culture. The jobs that non-Bermudians are recruited for are not jobs that Bermudians are qualified for or even want. Furthermore, the companies hiring foreigners have to pay much more to get those jobs done than if they could find a Bermudian to do them. The foreign workers bring their culture with them, and they fall in love with Bermuda, and then they are forced to leave.

America is great because of the mixture of talents and culture from all over the world that has become America. Every country and culture in the world is a piece of America. Bermuda, of course, needs to preserve its nature and essence, but Bermuda also needs to open her arms to the talents and treasures of the world to achieve HER greatness. Bermuda needs to welcome visiting professionals, as they will become ambassadors in the future, and while in Bermuda, they will contribute greatly to what makes Bermuda so very special in the world.

I completely agree with the final paragraph in particular. We do need to open our arms to the world and welcome visiting professionals. It has, and will continue, to benefit us all and make Bermuda a better place.

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