It defines our entire existence

I didn't catch this during Friday night's Throne Speech debate, but in a conversation last night someone brought up the significance of Dr. Brown's interpolation while David Dodwell was speaking:

In a rowdy exchange with the Premier, Mr. Dodwell then accused the PLP of not being comfortable talking about race. Dr. Brown branded this claim "ridiculous" and told the Opposition to "wait until we move from talk to action".

With the Mr. Dodwell struggling to be heard in the House amid noise from both sides, he asked why his questions had got the loudest reaction of the day, more so than housing or seniors. The Premier replied: "Nothing gets us excited like this one – it defines our entire existence." [emphasis mine]

"Nothing gets us excited like this one – it defines our entire existence."

That's the line that piqued our interest during last nights conversaion, because it begs the following question:

If race 'defines [the PLP's] entire existence' do they have an incentive to resolve it or perpetuate it?

The PLP's approach to race and race relations, both as an opposition and Government, and their lack of action to improve it (despite getting 'excited' over it) leads me to conclude that they've decided that their political interests are best served by perpetuating racial division.

If one issue 'defines their entire existence', and is resolved (for lack of a better term), what else do they have to offer? What would hold them together? What would be their relevance?

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