Good news, bad news

Let's start with the good news.

Government has backed down from building a new hospital on the Botanical Gardens. Well done to all the campaigners and public who aggressively pushed back.

Now the bad news.

Has the new Premier (also a member of the previous Cabinet) or the new Health Minister read the Bermuda Hospitals Board Estate Master Plan? It doesn't appear to be the case (which is scary for an MD and former Deputy Premier) when they keep making statements like this:

And the Throne Speech, confirming this stance, said Government would shift the focus from where the hospital would be sited to working with the medical community to find out Bermuda’s healthcare priorities.

"Only after it is determined what services the hospital should deliver can costs, location or other decisions be made,” it added.

Take a look at the Executive Summary of the EMP:

3. Health Concerns / Profile of Bermuda 4. Current & Future Trends as it Relates to Population 5. Global Health Trends and their Impact on Bermuda 6. Service Profile for Bermuda (Existing & Proposed) 7. Services that will be Facilitated / Performed Overseas

While it's good that the Botanical Gardens and 'virgin land' (Arboretum?) are no longer on the table, it looks to me like the Premier and Health Minister are about to re-invent the wheel with respects to delivering services.

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