Cabinet Secretary reitres

The Royal Gazette covers the Cabinet Secretary retirement today.

It's unfortunate that he is leaving when there is a large restructuring of the social services going on, but he seems to have quashed the idea that the departure was not harmonious:

“I elected to meet with the Premier to give him my position. I do not know the Premier well but I have sat in Cabinet with him for a period and we have a cordial relationship. I do want to dispel any idea that Dr. Brown is trying to get rid of me, or anybody else. It’s simply not true.

Fair enough. Seems pretty unequivocal, but I'm surprised that the head of the civil service didn't know a Cabinet Minister of 5 years well, and described the relationship as 'cordial'. Surely there should have been more interaction.

I would expect however that we see more departures of senior civil servants on the heels of Dr. Brown's ascension. It was clear to me that internally in the civil service Mr. Drinkwater's retirement was a shock.

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