Breeding division

So let me get this straight, Dr. Brown wants to lead a sustained and open debate on race but says this:

However, one student at the Friday night event, argued that Dr. Brown’s own language was contributing to the racial divide saying terms such as “plantation questions” only increased the division. “I was born into a divided situation,” Dr. Brown replied. “My object is not to ignore a reality. If we are going to engage in a discussion then feelings on both sides will be hurt. We will have the pain of engagement – and then maybe some understanding.

“People seem to want a quick discussion so they can say it’s done, let’s move on. It doesn’t work like that.

“There are generations of social discomfort. I am saying let’s slow down for a minute and engage. Have a sustained conversation.

Being 'born into a divided situation' doesn't mean you continue to use the divisive tactics and language of that era. That's not denying reality.

You move on. To use Dr. Brown's favourite buzzword, you
'change'. Change the tone, change the atmosphere, change reality. Stop perpetuating it. That will foster an environment for a sustained discussion.

What we've got now is 1960's thinking and tactics in a 2006 world.

I understand that this is an uncomfortable discussion for some, and feelings will get hurt, but you don't do it intentionally as Dr. Brown does, and then claim you were born into division. That's the point.

All this ridiculous talk about plantations, using racially divisive language and running racially divisive election campaigns isn't at all about having a sustained conversation.

That's about generating more heat than light.

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