Bigger fish to fry

I did a little more digging today on this UBP Pembroke mess and must say that it's like a mini soap opera.

I managed to touch base with Jamahl who categorically denies the allegation that he's not canvassing or not canvassing effectively and says he's got the data to prove it. He says he's been canvassing hard and methodically in a targeted way. I believe him, which leads me to believe that this is less about politics and more about parochial power games and personalities.

So I'm not getting in the middle of this as it's way too much of a maze to navigate and doesn't seem driven by a specific issue, but what I will say is this:


Now is not the time for the UBP to be getting dragged into internal bickering, there's a much bigger fish to fry.

As everyone should see from the news of the past few days, we have a less than a month old Premier who is playing Independence games, putting his cronies on the payroll and institutionalising corruption by selling access to the highest foreign bidder.

This is not the time for these sideshows, and it's definitely not time to be playing it out in the press. Have people not learned anything from the PLP over the past 3 years?

Contrary to what seems to be the conventional wisdom that the UBP is about to be demolished because the PLP selected Dr. Brown, I take a different view.

While Alex Scott was a bumbler, making him a pretty easy target, Dr. Brown is by no means unbeatable. In fact, I think he's very beatable.

It won't take long, and hasn't, for his supposed strengths to show up as huge liabilities. I predict that the public will tire very quickly of him and the recycled Cabinet he's presiding over as the stench of corruption and his lack of respect for the public and process permeates the island.

What Bermudian is going to pay thousands of dollars to play golf or have a picture taken with the Premier? How absurd.

If segments of the UBP want to get sucked into these games that's a shame. Defeating the PLP at the next election is very, very doable. If Alex Scott's interview yesterday didn't make it clear enough, there is plenty of disdain for the new Premier, his style and lack of an ethical compass.

So put your game faces on. Dr. Brown's in election mode. The UBP's branches should be too. They are in fact. But it only takes one silly little episode like this to cut the legs out from under you.

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