November 22, 2006

Money quotes


That's the word that came to mind while reading recently deposed former PLP Premier Alex Scott's comments on the ethical problems with Dr. Brown's PLP Gala Fundraiser and reflecting on his tenure and what Dr. Brown has promised. (More on the latter article later.)

Premier's Gala Weeekend Money quote (in every sense of the word):

"I heard some large figures. You have to watch out for sweetheart deals."

As an example he said gaming interests had lobbied when he was Premier but had been resisted.

If such a lobby group donated and gaming prohibitions were lifted people would make an assumption of corruption said Mr. Scott.

"People will say 'Oh, that is the same individual who gave a large sum to the party'. The party should be wary of this sort of largess from outside."


The former Premier has admitted that a 'gaming interest' offered to make a large donation to the PLP in exchange for favourable treatment in setting up a gambling operation here.

This quote doesn't feel like a random example to me. Why did the former Premier pick this one to cite?

I'm not sure I buy the defense of his (or Finance Minister Paula Cox's) oversight in Dr. Brown's Pay to Play scandal, and I'm not quite sure what this means:

"What I was seen to do publicly and what I did behind the scenes were two different things.

"I didn't leave any pay to play in place and I think the Minister of Finance felt equally strongly about it."

But the next sentence suggests that the former Premier doesn't hold his successor's ethical standards highly:

Asked if he was worried it would resurface he said: "Let's wait and see.

"Everybody knew that I didn't support that approach to our business and anyone involved in it had a conversation with me and had promised they would address the circumstances behind it."

I predict, that before too long, the PLP membership will be having some serious buyers remorse.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy