Learning from the Bermudan [sic] experience

Get a load of this Bermudian sensationalism in Barbados:

[Opposition MP David Estick] charged that Arthur was leading Barbados down a similar path that now afflicted Bermuda, when instead he should be learning from the Bermudan experience.

The St Philip West MP said the average price of a house in Bermuda was $3.5 million and that price could increase to as much as $37 million.

He said that similar to Barbados, average Bermudans found themselves in a position where they could not afford to buy land or house.

He added it had got so bad that real estate agents had taken the Bermudan government to court on the issue of land sales.

Estwick added the government there had subsequently put a law in place where Bermudans were not supposed to sell their land to foreigners.

I'll ignore the use of the term 'Bermudan' over 'Bermudian'...damn you Microsoft spell-checker but...

Real estate agents taking the Government to court? Well, a private individual did.

The Government 'subsequently put a law in place' to block land sales to foreigners? Well not quite. They were taken to court after they put the ban in place.

But why let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

[CORRECTION: Originally I'd said that the average home price was more like $1.2M not $3.5M, but as someone pointed out, I was forgetting about the conversion between USD and the BBD, which resolves the discrepancy of the average sale price.]

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