Lazy policing

May I join the chorus (click here, here and here) on the stupidity of the Police declaring they'll be enforcing the 35kph speed limit.

The fatality problem isn't due to people driving at 40kph or even 50kph, which I'd consider the 'normal' speed on our roads. The problem is dangerous driving, reckless over/under-taking and people racing around late at night with a few cold ones in them.

But that involves work. What is proposed is simply lazy policing: throw a few road blocks up during slow-moving rush hour, ticketing bikes in the third lane on East Broadway or installing cameras and the like. These tactics are little more than backdoor taxation/revenue collection and won't change behaviour on the roads one bit.

What is needed is uniformed cops out on the roads...moving...not parked up and picking off the low hanging fruit.

What is needed is cops on the roads during the day and night in unmarked vehicles, hauling in every maniac who screams past them on a blind corner or tailgates on Harbour Rd..

What is needed is a resumption of those late Friday/Saturday night traffic stops impounding loud and modified vehicles...which are also much more likely to be stolen. When I went 16 these were commonplace on weekends and late nights.

What is need is to pull over and impound those vehicles with license plates strategically covered in mud or with locks obscuring them.

That takes policing. How's about we get back to that.

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