October 11, 2006

Bermuda/Mid Ocean to host PGA Grand Slam of Golf

The Mid Ocean Club has sent out a letter to its members announcing that they will be hosting the PGA Grand Slam of Golf (strokeplay tournament of the winners of the 4 major PGA tournaments).

Note that Government (aka Department of Tourism, aka Dr. Brown who wants some positive PR before his leadership challenge) appears to be charging out of the gate with the announcement before the host club was quite ready.

Dear Member,

I am writing to inform you that Government intend to announce today that the PGA Grand Slam of Golf will come to Bermuda in 2007 and that they and the PGA ‘ are in final stages of negotiation with Mid Ocean ‘. That is exactly the situation – we have an agreed contract wording and were waiting for final signatures before we came to you with the news, but the proposed Government release, which was made known to us yesterday, has somewhat changed our timetable for us!

Much more detail will follow later – and I must caution that until all the contracts are executed this is still not 100% - but after talking to the President we thought you should, if possible, hear about it from us first.

We have been working on this for some three months and, whilst we know there will be some challenges along the way, are really excited at bringing this event to Mid Ocean. The event has the support of the Board and we think this is a brilliant opportunity to showcase Bermuda to a large audience and we wanted to join with Government, who are providing the funding, and the Fairmont Southampton, who are also a sponsor, in making it happen.

The PGA Grand Slam is a two day stroke-play tournament between the four Major winners of the year, and up to now has been held in Hawaii with this years event being held in November. The playing days in 2007 are scheduled for October 16th and 17th with a pro-am on the 15th and possibly an outing for the PGA Tour sponsors on the 18th. Both the PGA and Mid Ocean have an option to stage the event in 2008 if the other party is agreeable. Members will gain free admission to the event.

Again, a lot more on this later as I know you will have many questions on course closures, course length and layout etc. As soon as we have an Agreement signed and sealed I will send out a follow-up which will hopefully address all the issues we are likely to face, so please hold your questions till that time – it shouldn’t be long.

Best wishes,

David Ezekiel, Vice President and Men’s Captain

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy