Moving to the left

The more I think about the sudden Cabinet shuffle, and in particular the appointment of Derrick Burgess as Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, the more it becomes apparent that there is some real internal turmoil in PLP-land.

As someone said to me today, when a party suddenly lurches to the right or left abandoning any pretext of centrism and moderation, it confirms that even they are aware that they are shedding support and have to throw the base a bone.

And when you start catering to your radical base, as the appointment of Mr. Burgess does, the more you alienate the political centre. That's not to say elections can't be won that way, the Republicans won the 2004 Presidential election by dragging out their Christian conservative wing, but the UBP should be able to capitalise on this.

Anyway, I'm signing off for the day (and night). That was a busy news day today.

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