Insult Generator

Followers of US politics, or those who enjoy watching political aspirations implode, will get a kick out of this. Presidential hopeful Senator George Allen, or maybe more accurately former Presidential hopeful Senator George Allen, has had a rough couple of months after he directed an obscure racial slur at an opposing campaign worker at one of his rallies. His excuse was even better: that he made up the word and had no idea it denoted a monkey. Talk about bad luck, huh.

This has led to a constant trickle of news articles suggesting he's - shall we say - not the most racially/ethnic/religiously sensitive person in the world, which have led to Slate magazine creating The George Allen Insult Generator.

It's safe to say that once one of these is created for a politicians, any presidential hopes previously held should be gone.

Bermuda needs one of these for Senator Burch. Unfortunately I lack the graphic design and programming skills to create it myself.

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