Commitment to public consultation

Another perspective from a reader on Dr. Brown's comment to the African Heritage Conference where Dr. Brown said:

"In 2006 we are still forced as a government to defend policies that are aimed at empowering a majority of the population and made to consult with representatives of the minority to reverse years of economic injustice against the majority."

The reader says that it "Gives a warm fuzzy feeling on Doc's commitment to public consultation."

Which is a good point.

Even if the PLP had attempted to implement policies at empowering the majority (read black) population - which they haven't - defending proposed policies and consulting with 'representatives of the minority' (read the UBP) is part of the democratic process.

People who don't blindly follow Dr. Brown and the PLP (a growing number by the way) are such an annoyance aren't they?

The aspiring Premier's autocratic tendencies are showing through again.

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