Brothers in arms

One other thing that I meant to mention with respects to Alex shoring up support for the delegates conference is that putting Derrick Burgess in charge of Labour and Immigration pretty much makes that Ministry a wholy owned subsidiary of the Bermuda Industrial Union, which is as important as shoring up Parliamentary support.

The PLP leadership process involves more than just elected MPs, but also PLP delegates, which is again over-represented by BIU members. It's fair to consider the PLP the political arm of the BIU.

So from a purely self-preservation perspective this could turn out to be a shrewd move by the Premier; but I reiterate that the business community will be in shock today. And that's shock won't fade any time soon.

Mr. Burgess will have a speech to deliver on Monday (Labour Day) on his home field, let's see what type of tone he sets.

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