All or nothing

Interesting article on the front page of the Royal Gazette today, with talk of Michael Dunkley switching seats to challenge Patrice Minors and John Barritt potentially taking on Glenn Blakeney in constituency 13.

The article has the air of breaking a big story with the "Dunkley versus Minors" headline, but this talk has been around for awhile. The John Barritt move has been rumoured in the press before, but the RG must be confident of at least Michael Dunkley's move to give it the lede.

Patrice Minors didn't work hard at the last election, and Michael works as hard as anyone out there. If the PLP sticks to the Botanical Gardens site for the hospital, it could be an added problem for the Health Minister, although it won't play as bad in Constituency 10 as others.

[Note: I am privy to no inside information here with respects to who is running where, just the usual rumours.]

Shaking things up would be a good thing; Michael and John are two of the UBP's most gifted and hard-working MP/candidates. The UBP needs to take some risks, get out of their comfort zones and let the big dogs loose in the right areas. Moving strong MPs around will shake the whole dynamic up.

Comments such as "It's all or nothing now" are what I like to hear. A little fire in the belly is a good thing for a group that has tended to be outwardly restrained and hasn't shown enough hunger to win.

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