September 29, 2006

Howler of the day

The howler of the day goes to Dr. Ewart Brown for his ridiculous speech to the African Heritage Conference:

"Ours is a curious nation...In 2006 we are still forced as a Government to defend policies that are aimed at empowering a majority of the population and made to consult with representatives of the minority to reverse years of economic injustice against the majority."

The truth of course is very different. In their 8 year term the PLP Government have neither implemented nor even tried to implement one policy or piece of legislation aimed at empowering the [black] majority. Not one. That's a fact.

Throwing contracts like the Berkeley one at your cronies doesn't count as a policy, and the Premier himself rejected the idea that it was given to Pro-Active on the basis of empowerment. He argued they were the best candidate.

I emailed Dr. Brown this morning asking him to point out one policy or piece of legislation that supports his statement. But he won't be able to. Because they don't exist.

In fact, the PLP rejected out of hand the UBP's draft Economic Empowerment Bill, with Finance Minister Paula Cox calling the Economic Empowerment Bill "a trifle patronising and condescending to small businesses."

It's a good thing that Dr. Brown was speaking to an audience who would have been largely ignorant of our local politics. His speech might have gone down well, but as usual, he's misleading people because he has to.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy