Unprecedented...for whom?

This love-in between the Premier and US Consul General Gregory Slayton is getting a little creepy, with a joint op-ed in today's Royal Gazette (not yet online). Could the Premier be any more giddy and self-important ("Why should a Premier take the Opposition into that cauldron of politics?") about this trip?

Lost amid all of the collegial back-slapping, press conferences and bickering over who was or was not invited, is what the purpose is, or should be.

There's a variety of things in play:

Let's start with the 'official' reason, this nonsense about an 'unprecedented' and 'first-ever official bi-lateral meetings' -- key word being 'official'. That means the Premier needs a chaperone, in the form of the US Consul, who is probably using this for his own networking purposes (he's a big Bush fundraiser). Former Premier John Swan is well known for his genuine contacts during his 14 year tenure. But we all know that Alex Scott has a short and selective memory.

Then there's the Premier, who's sees a chance for an image makeover (Alex Scott the Statesman) after a lacklustre Premiership.

The real reason should be for the PLP to start repair work on a previously strong relationship which they have damaged through forays into Cuba and a love affair with Caricom resulting in a lack of attention to the one relationship that counts.

Let's just hope they don't take along the Deputy Premier, Dr. Brown, who displayed his penchant for diplomacy by ridiculing US President George Bush's intelligence, with a comment about the President and his 'colouring books' at an anti-Iraq-war rally several years ago.

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