The kind of access money buys

Here's what a lobbyist like Alcade & Fay can do for you:

Essentially, these parties are a way of saying thank you," said Jennefer Hirshberg, a partner of Alcade & Fay, a lobbying firm that bankrolled an event for the Virginia Republican Party on Wednesday night. Guests were treated to jumbo cocktail shrimp and lobster claws, crispy egg rolls and baked desserts beneath movie props such as model planes from "Top Gun."

"It's all part of the networking and relationship building that lobbying firms in Richmond and at the federal level do," she said.

Business, Pleasure, or Both?

Here's another good one from someone seeking reform:

Public interest groups and campaign finance reform advocates say conventions give businesses the most lobbying bang for their buck. "I'd say there's no better setting than a presidential convention for showing big donors the kind of access money buys," said Common Cause/Maryland's James Browning. "A convention gives donors a chance to lobby under the radar, which is to say, beyond the reach of . . . Maryland's lobbyist ethics law."

Sounds right up Dr. Ewart "7 star hotel" Brown's alley.

All in the public interest of course:

Speaking to us from the hotel, where the cheapest suite costs $1,000 a night, Dr. Brown said he knows some people expect him to stay in “Holiday Inns” when he’s away on business and those same people will probably have a go at him for staying in the Burj, but he makes no apologies.

He said: “I wanted to stay in the hotel and see and experience it for myself. Now when we’re talking about standards I can refer people to those at the Burj.”

Welcome to Dr. Brown's I mean Bermuda: lavish trips and lobbyists. Pay to play.

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