Mechanics of prejudice

This snipped from (half way down the page) seems topical in light of Bermuda's Parliamentarians rejecting the amendment to protect sexual orientation under the human rights code:

"A study hints at the mechanics of prejudice in your brain. College students were asked how two hypothetical people—a young liberal and a fundamentalist conservative—might feel about various questions. The students relied more on a frontal brain region while thinking think about the liberal but relied more on a back region while thinking about the conservative. Previous research suggests the frontal region is involved in putting yourself in another person's shoes. Researchers' conclusions: 1) You discriminate against people different from you by using stereotypes rather than empathy to guess how they think. 2) So the key to fighting prejudice is to help people see others as similar. Cynics' view: We could have told you that much. Good luck with the hard part."

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