Intent and the facts

Well, the Royal Gazette may have never put yesterday's joint op-ed by the Premier and US Consul on their website, but it has shown up today on the National Review Online.

I understand the intent of the piece, and the need to point out Bermuda's value beyond a vacation spot, but as one reader pointed out to me, the op-ed presented a rather shallow and distorted view of Bermuda's historical relationship with the US:

"Not only has an entire decade of very close US/Bermuda relations been written out of history, the early history of Bermuda's ties to the 13 colonies (and later United States) has been reworked almost beyond recognition. Yes, Bermudians collaborated in the gunpowder plot; left unmentioned is the fact the British fleet that burnt Washington DC to the ground embarked from Bermuda during the War of 1812 -- and that Fort Cunningham, the Commissioner's House and numerous other fortifications were built here to prevent a US invasion! And let's not talk about the Civil War -- when Bermuda openly backed the Confederacy and poor Mr. Allen, the US Consul here at the time, was routinely stoned as he walked to his office!"

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