May 30, 2006

Not so friendly fire

Any doubts that the PLP Government are engaging in a direct attack on the Auditor General's office should be put to rest with the revelations of the past few days.

With VSB news reporting last night, and the Royal Gazette today, David Burch engaged in a serious abuse of power by using his 48 hour stint as acting Finance Minister to engage in cowardly attempts at intimidation with the threat of an audit. (Not that Mr. Dennis seemed intimidated, hell he's been asking for this for years apparently.)

The combination of the unannounced move conducted by Sen. Burch's Ministry (let's get real, nothing happens in the civil service at 4PM on a Friday without being pre-planned...) to insufficient and inadequately prepared office space with the threat of an audit by an Acting Minister is not just politics; it's a direct assualt on government oversight, and the rule of law.

Bermuda's credibility is diminishing rapidly.

Sen. Burch should be immediately fired and removed from Cabinet, the Premier should issue a contrite apology for his rogue Minister, and the Auditor should be provided with adequate accomodation to perform his duty.

If space is at such a premium, perhaps the auditor should relocate to the recently renovated but uninhabited offical Premier's residence, Clifton.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy