May 16, 2006

You give me election fever

Ok folks, the planets are clearly lining up (or being lined up) for an election sooner rather than later.

- Premie's off to DC trying to rehabilitate his image and convince people that he could actually be the leader of a country, or at least play one on TV.

- rumour has it that the PLP are getting parochial again with little projects in long-neglected but key areas...

- while unpopular projects in key areas are being pulled -- a victory for John Barritt and the UBP in the Mary Victoria Rd. case no matter how the PLP try and spin it

- there's been a resurgence of contrived press events dressing up policy failures as successes, like those mobile homes finally finding a home (just in time for hurricane season)

- the independence propaganda sessions -- aka fire up the base -- have started with the usual suspects providing their usual level of insight

- Dr. Brown does his best to make declining air arrivals look like a positive

- the UBP's racial code of conduct was rejected (what a shock) out of hand and without explanation by the PLP; the motive being self-evident -- it would render the PLP's election playbook useless.

and finally, the most important piece of the puzzle is about to fall into place:

- MP pay-raises are set to go through this week after I recently suggested that there would be no chance of an election -- no matter how good the timing looked -- until pay/pension raises were put in place.

Now if only we could get confirmation that Roy Boike has been on island....

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy