BIC Report: Claim vs. Fact

A request for assistance.

Since the BIC report has provided such a rich source of misinformation, distortions and outright fallacies, I figured this would be a great time to make some new entries in the Claim vs Fact section of the site, which has been dormant although I have a few old but new entries to make as well as move it to a proper database (which is 3/4 done).

So, I'm making a request that you email me with anything that is worthy of a claim vs fact correction in the BIC report, or elsewhere for that matter.

The easy ones from the report that are already coming down the pipeline are the claims that:

1) The BIC didn't learn of any locations that used a referendum to determine independence.
2) The claim that tourism has turned around.

A couple of others are to be included including Tourism Minister Ewart Brown's claims that tourism numbers are improved over 2004.

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