September 16, 2005

Having it both ways

Schizophrenic? You decide.

The Bermuda Independence Commission (BIC) report, which all of the commissioners signed off on, states that:

"...the tourism sector appears to have stabilized and may even be improving."

Yet today in a Mid Oceans News article entitled "Tourism report shows huge decline in room bookings" (not yet online), President of the Bermuda Hotel Association (BHA), and coincidentally a BIC Commissioner, Mike Winfield (who I hear was a major writer of the BIC report) states that:

"August should be one of our strongest months. Seventy-nine per cent last year was not acceptable and 70 percent this year is even less acceptable."

Doesn't sound like either stabilization or improvement to me. Which one is it Mr. Winfield?

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy