Turn out the lights

Sadly, Monday has seen everything return to normal. After the excitement, disruption and bickering over the power outage, what happened, whose fault it is and how to prevent it happening again there was one thing that I was hoping power wouldn't return to: Hamilton's traffic lights.

The ride along Front St. this morning (and through Reid St. on Sunday) confirmed what I had observed and experienced post-Fabian; traffic flows much better in 'tawn' with the lights off.

But sadly, at noon, they were back.

At the minimum we should change the law to allow left turns on (most) red lights - as the UK and US allow (albeit a right turn in the US). Hell, very few bikes stop anyway at red lights as it is!

We should also change the lights to flashing yellows on a Sunday and evenings as they do in Halifax Nova Scotia. That prevents people sitting at pointless timed red lights on empty roads; as long as you slow down sufficiently at an intersection - which everyone was doing this weekend with the lights out - there are no problems.

The modified driving behaviour I witnessed this weekend confirms what Phil aka The Limey suggested in his Royal Gazette column about a month and a half ago, in what on the surface might have seemed like an off the wall idea to make the roads more dangerous.

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