Tour de France

Totally off-topic, but of critical importance:

The 2005 Tour de France begins tomorrow, which means that Bermuda politics will take its rightful place behind Lance Armstrong's back wheel.

This is Lance's last tour, and promises to be a great race as he tries to go out on top with an unprecedented 7th consecutive win.

Even better is the news that Bermuda Cablevision recently replaced the Outdoor Network with the Outdoor Living Network (OLN), on digital channel 101. In the nick of time!

For the uninitiated OLN carries excellent live daily coverage of the Tour and a great evening wrap-up as well, in addition to a live audio web feed to chew up your company's bandwidth.

The race begins tomorrow with the individual time trial, at 12:30 our time, and every day (almost) following for 3 weeks of pure heaven.

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