I, I, I, Me, Me, Me

I couldn't help but smile after catching up on some newspaper reading and coming across an article about our cricket team's qualification for the World Cup. It was great news, and as happens everywhere, the politicians were lining up to hitch their wagons to the euphoria and get some lift from the positive vibes.

Which is why I both smiled and cringed after reading Dale Butler's comments in RG, as quoted at the end of the article:

Sports Minister Dale Butler was equally impressed.

“I’m extremely delighted,” he enthused.

“I’m very happy with the team’s success. Remember my farewell speech at City Hall? I told them that they were not going over there to participate but to qualify for the World Cup and my prophecy came true. Based on the team’s talent, commitment and training I felt they stood a very good chance – and here they are!”

What made me cringe? Well, if you've ever listened to Dale Butler, either in Parliament, at a press event, ribbon cutting or maybe even singing in the shower you might have noticed the same thing.

Dale Butler can't stop talking about himself. Ever.

Look at that quote. Instead of focusing on the cricket team, he's telling people how "I" predicted this, that "I" told them, remember "my" speech, that "my prophecy came true", that "I" felt they stood and good chance, that "I'm" excited etc. etc. Six references to himself in 5 sentences!

The moral of the story? Aren't "I" smart. You should all be impressed with "my" wisdom. "I'm" great.

It's pathological. Deodorant Dale has always come across as a self-absorbed ego-maniac. That quote should confirm beyond all doubt that even when someone else does something great, that it's all because of the great Dale Butler.

A little humility would go a long way.

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