Anal probes

It's no wonder that people hold their politicians in such low regard.

The hand-wringing and predictable finger pointing over the island-wide power outage has resulted in the commissioning of an independent review of the events leading to the massive fire. (In fairness to BELCO, this was probably less in response to public pressure and certainly required by their insurers and board. While independent may be a bit of a generous term, it is a positive step in shedding light on what transpired and preventing a repeat, although I'm not a party to the BELCO bashing of the last week.

Just as bad as those flames, is the hazard created from the methane fumes being emitted from the cabinet office. It's become so bad that they'll be installing their own smoke stack to scrub the emissions.

This type of statement from the Premier just reeks of hypocrisy and insincerity:

Premier Alex Scott said yesterday Government supported the investigation.

"It's our responsibility to ensure the public interest is always safeguarded and support an investigation," he said.

Now that's rich.

This Government, this Premier (and his predecessor) are in no position to pontificate on 'safeguarding' the public interest. But I imagine the Premier knows that. At least he knew that he had no credibility in calling for a truly 'independent' review, because that's precisely what he has refused over Coco Reef and the Berkeley fiasco.

The questions remain unanswered over Berkeley (the completion bond, the cost overruns, the legal battles) yet there has been no 'independent' review.

The Premier might point to Coco Reef where he did commission a review, but a) it's far from independent and b) it was put together to pre-empt Parliamentary questions from the UBP and an imminent debate.

The whole Coco Reef affair reeks, but we won't receive any answers from the appointed committee of high level civil servants; hardly people in a position to deliver the harsh rebuke and objective review needed.

On top of that the whole thing was hastily thrown together after the UBP tabled some Parliamentary questions about Coco Reef. Suddenly, the Premier announced this committee, but when challenged on when they were appointed he responded with a statement about when the decision was made to have a review, not when the committee was appointed or whether it had even met.

But that type of shallow maneuvering to avoid the tough questions has become the trademark of PLP Government's.

And finally, I'd be remiss in not pointing out the absurdity of Attorney General Larry Mussenden's suggestion that the Government enter the power business.

Now that'd be a sight (and site) to behold. I'd be opposed to that idea whichever party was in power, but this crowd? They can't even build a school, let alone a power plant.

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