Tim Translated

I'm starting a new category and regular weekly feature called 'Tim Translated'.

What is Tim Translated? Well, in response to today's post urging people to read Tim Hodgson Mid Ocean Editorial I received several emails all with the same theme. These reaffirmed what I've thought and heard people say for some time.

Tim Hodgson's editorials are masterful works of writing, insightful and of critical importance. They're also so dense with literary references, complex sentence structures and advanced vocabulary that they can be tough to plough through. As a result, they almost certainly don't get read by enough people. Those who do read them will be by far 'the choir'.

In fact, I read them in two sittings. The first involves reading the first two paragraphs and the 2nd section. Then later in the day I read it again in totality.

This is not to say that writing well is a bad thing and to suggest that the editor should change his style. I enjoy them and many others do as well. But many people could benefit from the ideas contained but find them too intimidating.

So, in an effort to widen the audience for the valuable insights of the Mid Ocean's wise editor I'm providing a consise and simple summary of the week's column, beginning this week with "Let's twist again...the Tim Translated Version".

I can't guarantee when I'll get around to this weekly, and I have no idea whether Tim will appreciate this or not. Oh well.

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