Raising expectations ... lowering expectations

As the Royal Gazette Editor points out in today's editorial, the Social Agenda has become the mantra of the PLP.

It has become something of a mantra for Premier Alex Scott and other Ministers to say, in effect, yes, we know this is a problem, but wait for the “social agenda” and you will see we are doing something. Last night, Premier Alex Scott was due to start putting some flesh on the very bare bones of the social agenda at the opening speech of the Progressive Labour Party’s annual conference.

The Government has spent months raising expectations for the Throne Speech roll-out of the "Social Agenda", in an effort to right their sinking ship.

Last night, in what was supposed to be the beginning of the roll-out of this grand plan, we saw the expecations start to get lowered. The Premier revealed that the Throne Speech will include:

"the early seeds of the all encompassing Social Agenda ... "

That's not good enough. They've got to do better than that on Friday.

If that's all the Government can produce after six years then someone should put them out of their misery and throw in the towel.

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