Let's twist again...

"Let's twist again... - Tim Translated Version"

Politics in Bermuda is an ideal place to observe larger political themes at work.

Alex Scott is a terrible Premier, his ego is out of control, he suffers from delusions of grandeur and is a threat to Bermuda's future success. He's lost so much credibility that few people will defend him anymore and those who do are looking out for their Party.

Rather than clarify his position it's easier to pretend he didn't mean what he said. It's easier to manage perception than reality. Attempting to understand Alex Scott is a pointless exercise.

The speech regarding Bermuda's Social Agenda will have far reaching consquences to not just the Premier and his party's credibility, but that of Bermuda and our economy. The PLP are returning to the discredited socialist roots that helped them remain in Opposition for 30 years and have been abandoned worlwide.

'Social Engineering' isn't a term used anymore, particularly not in academia, and when it is it's to discuss long lost authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. Anyone who still believes in social engineering is at least smart enough not to use the term, let alone name a whole Government agenda with it.

This Premier can't even engineer the new Berkeley school competently, let alone people.

After unsuccessfully floating the income tax trial balloon in London the Premier backed off, trying to play off his wealth redistribution through taxation as corporate mentoring programs. This doesn't need a 'major cross-Ministry initiative' taking ten years to get done. It could be done in days or weeks if that were really the case. He's lying.

His disavowal of his party's interest in implementing income tax rings hollow. The Government has started collecting income data in the Literacy, Household Expenditure, Census and Employment surveys. You collect data for a reason.

Bermudians are indifferent to the stench of corruption and threats to democratic principles eminating from our shores. Cabinet prefers not to talk about what they're up to. Evidently we're too dumb to know what's good for us. No-one trusts this Premier.

Alex Scott represents the old agage: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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