Knock my socks off

This Social Agenda has been talked about so much that it had better knock our socks off on Friday. In fact I'm so tired of hearing it used as a response to every question for the past few months that Friday's Throne Speech can't come fast enough.

Do I expect it to dazzle us? Well, originally I'd figured it must be good because they're hyping it so much until tonight, when the Premier in an interview on the ZBM evening news said:

"Everything about this throne speech is new. Even the cover is different."

Time to start lowering expectations folks. If the best thing the Premier can say about it is that the cover is new we're in for a bumpy ride.

The Premier is on a real tear of dumb one-liners. The Throne Speech comment was about as productive as this response to a question about working with the UBP on seniors issues:

"If Ms. Jackson has anything to say, I'll take 2 aspirins and listen to her."

but not as revealing as this response to a question on Independence:

"If I’m the Premier and I become Prime Minister, you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face."

Hmmmm? There you have it.

It must be hard to keep talking when you've got both your feet in your mouth.

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