If you can't even deliver a slogan ...

What's going on here?

In my last post I noted the unintended humour in the slogan for this year's PLP Annual Conference:

"The Party that Delivers ... A Stable Economy, Solid Education and Adequate Housing."

But what's interesting is that on last night's ZBM News broadcast, today's Bermuda Sun and Royal Gazette articles the slogans differ by one word, 'Adequate' is used on the PLP website but 'Affordable' was used by all the press.

At first, when a reader pointed it out to me, I assumed that I'd misheard ZBM's report. But as you may have heard, when you assume you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'. Something else is up.

The difference between using 'adequate' and 'affordable' is significant. (So far the PLP haven't delivered either adequate or affordable housing so either way the theme is a lie.)

But does the change indicate either a mistake on the initial release or a change in the theme? Did someone catch it after the release and make the change on the PLP site? Is it an implicit admission that the Government has conceded that they can't deliver affordable housing?

I find it hard to believe that all the press got it wrong together, so it must have said 'Affordable' on the PLP's news release.

So which one is it? Maybe someone in the press can pose the question.

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