Caught red handed

Tiger Bay, a regular commenter over at Limey in Bermuda, has opened a rather large can of worms.

He/She noticed that the most recent user information saved in the MS Word document of Premier Scott's PLP Annual Delegates Conference speech was that of a Roberta Walker, with a email address listed. (Open the document, look under file/properties in the custom tab).

According to the Government's main switchboard Roberta Walker is an employee of the Cabinet Office - a Civil Servant.

That's a serious problem. It reveals what a lot of people have suspected for a long time now - that the PLP Government are politicising the civil service, compromising civil servants and misusing non-political Government resources for party business. Taxpayer dollars are funding PLP work.

The independence of the Civil Service is sacrosanct. Civil Servants are expressly prohibited from being involved in political activitism, and this speech is political through and through. Read it in its entirety and that's clear. The fact that it was delivered by the Premier, who has a Cabinet Office staff is irrelevant.

Party activities are done on the party's dime and the party's time.

Some examples:

>> The speech was provided to Limey in Bermuda by a PLP Senator and acting Party Spokesperson, Walter Roban.

>> The audience for the speech was the Progressive Labour Party's delegates to their Annual Conference

>> The speech addresses, specifically, party issues:

"However, the promise of the Social Agenda will only be realised if we come together as a Party and Government and deliver." p. 12

>> It speaks about the PLP Central Committee:

"I am here to confirm that it [the Social Agenda] came from the PLP Central Committee."

The Government have to answer some questions on this - not just about this one speech, but about what other non-partisan civil service resources are being directed towards the Progressive Labour Party.

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