October 03, 2004

Independence - Claim vs Fact

Topic: Independence
Speaker: Alex Scott, Premier of Bermuda
Date: 30 Sept., 2004
Source: Royal Gazette: 'Scott welcomes UBP views on sovereignty path'

“Historically, every country that has gone independent has done so through a General Election. He (Mr. Rammell) would want me to give a balanced view that while that may be so current practice and thinking, certainly in the EU and Great Britain, the facility of a referendum is a tool that is being used,” the Premier said.
“So history is on our side, opinion in Europe and Great Britain may be elsewhere.”

Jamaicans voted, via referendum in 1961, to withdraw from the Federation of the West Indies which was established in 1959 - a vote for independence. Both Houses debated a draft Constitution for an independent Jamaica which was unanimously approved. Jamaica achieved independence on 6 Aug. 1962 from the UK.

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Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy