September 27, 2004


What is is a weblog launched on Monday September 29, 2003. The intention of this site is to discuss Bermudian politics, primarily. Hence the name.

It's maintained by Christian Dunleavy, a former weekly columnist for The Royal Gazette and onetime candidate for the United Bermuda Party, who can't seem to satisfy his appetite for political news and strategy - in Bermuda or anywhere else for that matter. If it's political I'll read or talk about it, even if you're not listening.

The focus of this site is the observation and analysis of Bermuda's political process and strategies of the parties, as much as the specific policies of the parties. Certain topics don't really interest me and as such you may see some issues that you'd expect comment on completely ignored.

As a general rule my intention is to try and add something to the discussion, not simply repeat what is covered elsewhere. If a topic has been thoroughly discussed elsewhere and I have nothing new to contribute, I'll just link through to it. If I don't think I can add something I'll stay out of it, something I wish many of our politicians would do themselves.

This site is not affiliated with the United Bermuda Party in any way.

Posted by Christian S. Dunleavy